Beastly Close Shave Adjustable Safety Razor Set, In Black
Beastly Close Shave Adjustable Safety Razor Set, In Black
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Beastly Close Shave Adjustable Safety Razor Set, In Black

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Save your skin and skip those disposable razors that you’ve been using for years.

From poorly sharpened blades that go dull rapidly to painful nicks on your skin, these flimsy disposables need to be a thing of the past. Give your face the smooth and safe shave that it deserves, with our adjustable safety razor and its replacement blades.

Our set includes the essentials that you need to get that close shave. The razor is durable and has a nice weight to it, to give you the confidence you need with shaving.

Adjust the dial to get just the right amount of blade to meet your safe shaving needs. When finished, set it into the included stand, so it can dry until next time.


  • Durable stand, with adjustable safety razor
  • Includes replacement blades
  • Ensures a safer shave
  • Designed to be durable

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2 reviews for Beastly Close Shave Adjustable Safety Razor Set, In Black

  1. Charlie

    This is the second safety razor I have used. The user manual states that switching to one blade (versus plastic razors with multiple blades) reduces the risk of ingrown hair. The razor base is sturdy, easy to assemble, and does provide a very close shave. In my opinion, using a safety razor requires a quality shaving cream because it is an extremely sharp blade, and the handle does not pivot like some disposable razors. The shaving experience, though, is worth the effort. I found this to be a quality razor.

  2. Craig

    This Puts a nice bend in the blade when you tighten the head down so it actually curves downward with the guard.

    It’s a heavy duty razor, that you can use over and over for cheaper than disposable razors with simple blades. The blades are usually sharper, and last longer than disposable razors.

    The razor allows you to use the blade on either side, so you can use it, flip it, and use it again.

    The base is nice and heavy. There’s no chance it’s going to fall over on its’ own.

    Overall a great razor.


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