Handmade Sandalwood Beast Tamer Comb
Handmade Sandalwood Beast Tamer Comb
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Handmade Sandalwood Beast Tamer Comb

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You will be able to effortlessly keep your beastly beard tamed and well-groomed with our Handmade Sandalwood Beast Tamer Comb.

Sandalwood is a wood that boasts an attractive grain that will add visual appeal to your comb.

This double-sided comb has a slim profile that makes it a snap to tuck it into your bag when you’re on the go. The comb will not only tame your unruly beard but it can also keep your hair perfectly coiffed, by settling those flyaway locks.

Every guy needs a quality comb. This comb delivered on practicality, versatility, functionality and it simply looks good.


  • Made from solid sandalwood
  • Double-sided, for combing versatility
  • Slim profile
  • Durable enough for daily use

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3 reviews for Handmade Sandalwood Beast Tamer Comb

  1. Blake

    Great product. Smells amazing and very easy to maintain. This is my third and final growth. Since using this product, in conjunction wit my beard oil, I’ve noticed a change in my beard this time around. I am noticing the growth in my beard is thick and much more full than my last 2 grows. I made the mistake by using a brush which was damaging the growth in my beard. I even used other beard combs believing it would help. Unfortunately, the combs were a bust, too! Subsequently, I’ve been using this comb which not only brings a light masculine fragrance to my beard, however it keeps my beard looking nice and manageable. I recommend this product to beginner – veteran growers. #BeardOn

  2. Kai

    I love this comb. I wish it was just a tad smaller so I could fit it in my wallet, but it works great and smells wonderful. Like the sun swept deck of an old wooden ship. And so does my beard now too.

  3. Tim

    This comb is exactly what I was looking for. The one I received is a deep, rich color and has a subtle fragrance. I used this with my beard balm and it really helps to spread it out evenly.

    Awesome beard comb. Wood keeps the beard hair under control better than plastic. Highly recommend!

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