The Premium Beast Beard Care Set
The Premium Beast Beard Care Set
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The Premium Beast Beard Care Set

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 Give your beard the premium care that it deserves, with our thoughtfully assembled Premium Beast Beard Care Set.

This set contains each of the essentials that you need to keep your beard neat, trimmed, and in glossy soft condition.

Start with the brush and the comb to keep your beard tidy.

The trimming scissors will make it a breeze to do away with those stray pieces that threaten your suave streamlined look.

Use just a few drops of the beard oil to moisturize and soften and style.

The beard cream will help to nourish and tame your beard, so you’re perfectly groomed for whatever your day may send your way.


  •     Includes comb and brush
  •     Trimming scissors, for ease of tidying up
  •     Refreshing beard oil and nourishing beard cream included
  •     Bag included, for ease of storage

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2 reviews for The Premium Beast Beard Care Set

  1. Arnold

    Great bang for your buck. I love it.. shopped around forever so many kits out there. I’m glad I picked this one tho. Do yourself a favor and try this kit, I can’t imagine you’d regret it.

  2. Kurt

    This kit was exactly what I was looking for––a variety of tools for beard maintenance. The combs in particular deserve special mention––many cheap beard comes will snag or catch in your beard, which is super irritating. These combs definitely don’t do that––they slide through nice and smooth.

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