Natural Beast Balm Styling Wax
Natural Beast Balm Styling Wax
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Natural Beast Balm Styling Wax

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With a rich sandalwood scent that is sure to inspire rugged visions of time spent in the great outdoors, our Natural Beast Balm Styling Wax will help you to tame even the wildest of beards and mustaches.

Keep in mind that just a little bit of this styling wax will go a long way.

The natural ingredients in the product feature nourishing oils that will help to soften even the burliest of beards.

Apply the styling wax each morning before heading on out the door. Our styling wax has been formulated to meet the needs of today’s guy on the go.


  •     Deep sandalwood scent
  •     All-natural ingredients
  •     Formulated to style and protect
  •     Convenient and portable tin

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3 reviews for Natural Beast Balm Styling Wax

  1. Blake

    I used it for a week now and I’m very pleased with it. My goatee has gotten a lot soften and not so wirey. The orange scent is a great bonus. It washes out easily with no sticky residue. Definitely recommend this product.

  2. Ken

    I love this stuff. It goes on butter smooth, but doesn’t feel greasy. I use it on my beard and my hands. I came across this after searching the local stores for about a year, and not really finding anything that smelled reasonable. The scent is crisp, but neutral. Have gone through 4 or 5 cans now and intend to continue using it.

    Thanks for a quality product.

  3. Robin

    I have a fairly thick beard and needed something to tame unruly hairs. Purchased this because of the positive reviews and for the price. The smell is excellent and is very easy to apply. Would recommend it to anyone looking to condition both hair and skin. Great company as well.

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