Tame The Beast, All Natural Beard Balm
Tame The Beast, All Natural Beard Balm
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Tame The Beast, All Natural Beard Balm

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A little of this all natural beard balm goes a long way. Use our “Tame the Beast” balm to condition your magnificent beard daily. 

Beard care doesn’t need to be complicated!

This balm makes it easy to keep your beard healthy, so that you’re all set for whatever adventures your day may bring. 

Feel good about the products you’re using on your beard. 

The naturally sourced ingredients in the beard balm will help to keep your beard soft and looking great, while also serving to soothe your sensitive skin beneath your beastly beard!


  • Contains all natural ingredients
  • Softens hair, soothes skin
  • Anti-itching and anti-flaking
  • Superb hydration
  • Non-greasy formula

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3 reviews for Tame The Beast, All Natural Beard Balm

  1. Ahmad A

    Has an awesome consistency that is easy applied. Once you scrape some off with your nail it begins to melt immediately so you do not have to work hard to apply onto your beard. It gives you an awesome shine and trust me a little bit goes a LONG way. As far as the scent goes – LOVE it.

  2. Erik

    I’m new to these products but have tried a couple.

    easy to use,definitely have to get more, wasn’t overly strong either, fantastic product

  3. Roc M.

    I have a long beard (reaches almost to my navel). I have been using this beard balm for several months now and find it to be an excellent balm. My beard has grown 5 inches longer during the time I have been using it. And the overall health of my beard has improved significantly.

    After I shower I dry the excess water from my beard and then apply the balm. I make sure to rub the balm in well and then use a fine tooth comb to further enhance the distribution of the balm to the full length of my beard.

    Really happy with it overall.

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