Close Shave Beast Shaving Set
Close Shave Beast Shaving Set
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Close Shave Beast Shaving Set

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With the high end look and feel that you deserve, our Close Shave Beast Shaving Set features two essential shaving pieces on a stand designed for durability.

The included shaving brush offers a traditional practicality that you’ll love. The bristles are 100% genuine badger hair, to lend an old world charm to this shaving essential. Our classic styled safety razor will cut close in all the right ways, while ensuring your safety and comfort.

Be sure to invest in one of our shaving cream bowls, so you can always have the right tools on hand so you can get the right shave each and every time.


  • Sturdy durable stand
  • Includes badger hair shaving brush
  • Safety razor included
  • Designed to last

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3 reviews for Close Shave Beast Shaving Set

  1. Arthur

    This is a Rolls-Royce kind of razor stand! It probably weighs half a pound, no kidding. I can’t imagine this stand ever tipping over unless some kind of a natural disaster is in process at the time. The brush that I have fits perfectly into the stand, which is notable, because it did not fit into another stand I had (it was too long).

  2. Robi

    After cutting my finger open on my safety razor that was laying around my sink I decided to buy an actual holder for it. This one was affordable and the pictures looked good. Upon receiving it I am happy to report that I haven’t cut my finger again and the product looks “deluxe”. I would definitely recommend this.

  3. Stephen

    I ordered a shaving brush and loved the design and weight of it. I went looking for a stand and found exactly what I was looking for. I don’t yet have a safety razor, but my DSC cartridge razor fits great. I’m happy to recommend it. This is a heavy, quality stand with a great finish. Pull the trigger, you won’t be disappointed.

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