Rotary Men Rechargeable Shaver
Rotary Men Rechargeable Shaver
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Rotary Men Rechargeable Shaver

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4D Full-Body Washable Rotary Men Rechargeable Shaver Three Floating Heads Electric Razor Beard Shaving Machine Trimmer

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3 reviews for Rotary Men Rechargeable Shaver

  1. Imman

    The product is amazing easy to clean and waterproof

    + Easy to clean
    + good battery life, i can do 10 complete shaves on one charge
    + doesn’t leave any traces of hair
    + really safe to use, no chance of cutting skin while shaving

  2. Aljur

    This is one sweet shaver. I have used other brands for years. This puppy gives just as good or even better shave for a much cheaper price

  3. Taylor

    Very good product, completely safe. Razers are strong and will cut even the smallest hair. This razor is the best of all I bought in past. Very smooth and skin is totally safe from cuts. Very flexible to use and nice grip. Highly recommended product.

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