Double Edge Safety Beast Razor
Double Edge Safety Beast Razor
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Double Edge Safety Beast Razor

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Are you tired of your disposable razors slipping and nicking your skin?

Make painful cuts a thing of the past. Replace those disposable razors with our Double Edge Safety Beast Razor.

These razors have been designed with durability and safety in mind. The replacement blades are ultra-easy to slip in when it’s time. This razor is durable enough for the rugged guy with fierce facial hair, but also precise enough for the lady in your life to use on her legs.

Skip the disposables that will dull too soon and even slip or break when you’re using them. Opt for one of our safety razors, so you can get the best in close shaves.


  • Durable design
  • Built to last
  • Replaceable razor blades
  • Safe to use
  • Offers a smooth shave

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2 reviews for Double Edge Safety Beast Razor

  1. Samantha

    Ok so I love this razor! This is my first safety razor so when I first put it together I totally put a part on upside down and was like hmmm why isn’t this working and I realized it should be flipped the other way and it works amazingly. I let my boyfriend try it to shave his face and he loved it too so I would definitely recommend this product! Oh and you can’t beat the price especially since replacement blades are dirt cheap you save so much money vs using plastic disposable razors.

  2. Cindy

    I’m a woman and I was a little skeptical at first as to how well this would work on my legs but this razor is hands done the closest shave I’ve ever had. It doesn’t cut you either. I will never use another razor brand or style again! Thumbs up!

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