Tame Your Mane Care Set
Tame Your Mane Care Set

Tame Your Mane Care Set

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There is nothing quite like a tidy and tamed beard. Our Tame Your Mane Care Set contains the essentials that are just what you need to keep your beard looking burly and perfect, instead of scruffy and unruly.

The set includes a double-sided comb that will allow you to comb that wild beard into order. The handheld brush may be small in your hand but it will produce mighty results as it smooths and tidies your facial hair. The handy pouch makes it a breeze to store your beard grooming essentials when not in use, or when you’re on the go.


  •     Double-sided durable wooden comb
  •     Durable beard brush
  •     Made to meet the beard grooming needs of the gent
  •     Tucked neatly into a pouch

in stock

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