Beastly Trio of Men’s Clippers
Beastly Trio of Men’s Clippers

Beastly Trio of Men’s Clippers

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Keep your nails and toenails neatly trimmed, at all times. This trio offers an option that will readily meet your nail trimming needs, whether you’re tackling your toes or fine tuning your fingernails.

Each of the clippers in this set has been designed to be durable, so that you can rely on them to keep your mani and pedi looking perfect for years to come.

The design of the clippers features a good gripping handle to ensure you don’t slip while clipping those beastly talons. Remember that not every set of clippers is designed to take on the grooming needs of the man. This trio will effortlessly meet your needs, and keep you looking and feeling your tidy best.


  •     Set of 3 clippers
  •     Fingernail and toenail clippers included
  •     Durable enough to last
  •     Made to meet the needs of the man

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