A Beast of a Bowl, Stainless Shaving Bowl
A Beast of a Bowl, Stainless Shaving Bowl
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A Beast of a Bowl, Stainless Shaving Bowl

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As a gent who understands the benefits and great refreshed feels that come from a close wet shave, you know the importance of having the right tools on hand.

Our stainless steel shaving bowl, which is a truly durable beast of a bowl, is offered in a black and a silver color.

Get one of each, so you always have the right tools on hand when it comes time to shave.

The bowl is perfectly sized for the amount of shaving cream you need, so you can get the perfect shave each and every time. You’ll love the durability of this shaving bowl, and appreciate just how easy it is to keep clean between uses.


  • Made with durable stainless steel
  • Non-corrosive
  • Choose between black and silver colors
  • Perfectly sized

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2 reviews for A Beast of a Bowl, Stainless Shaving Bowl

  1. Cherry

    I was putting together a “shaving kit” for my hubby. He’d previously just had a few shaving/beard items thrown into our bathroom drawer. I thought we could make it nicer and more convenient. This bowl really helps to up the fancy pants factor. The size and color are as listed. Shipped well and quickly. Happy as can be!

  2. Raymund

    Excellent fabrication! This bowl was obviously designed by someone who understands wet shaving; it is just the right size. No fear of it ever getting bumped off the counter and breaking like a ceramic shave mug.

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