Retro-Inspired Straight Beast Razor
Retro-Inspired Straight Beast Razor
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Retro-Inspired Straight Beast Razor

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Step back in time, to a world where the closest shaves were possible with straight razors designed to be incredibly effective. Our Retro-Inspired Straight Beast Razor is incredibly sharp so that you can get a smooth and even shave each and every time.

The razor is ready to to use right away when you get it. Simply get your cedar or sandalwood scented shaving cream, use your shaving brush to apply it and get ready to tackle your beastly facial hair. The razor opens easily, so you can get to shaving right away.

Be sure to invest in the other shaving essentials that you will need, including your shaving brush and shaving cream bowl.


  • Cool retro-inspired design
  • Sturdy wooden handle
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth shave guaranteed

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2 reviews for Retro-Inspired Straight Beast Razor

  1. Dennis

    This is one of the best razors that I’ve used. It’s nice and sharp, leaving a very nice, smooth, clean shave. Absolutely amazing blade! I am a rookie and have the wounds to show it. It was shave ready out of the box and then I stropped it and the shave was even better.

  2. Richard

    This is a really nice razor for the price. I’m using it as a training/demonstration aid for my sharpening business. Will be buying more. One of the best razors I have ever received. This blade is high-quality definitely ready to shave out of the box and extremely Sharp I highly recommend this razor

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